What drives solar energy development?

TPP Director, Neil McCulloch supported work led by Marc Ayoub of the Issam Fares Institute at the American University of Beirut to produce a documentary on the challenges facing solar power development in Lebanon, drawing lessons from Jordan and Yemen. The work was funded by the Natural Resource Governance Institute. The documentary, in Arabic with English sub-titles, was launched on 6 September 2022 and broadcast on Lebanese television.  It can be viewed here.

Lebanon: Political Economy Analysis for the Lebanon Economic Reform and Infrastructure Investment – Technical Assistance Facility

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Lebanon Economic Reform and Infrastructure Investment (LERII) is a four-year programme, funded by the UK Government to contribute to the Government of Lebanon’s vision of growth and prosperity, economic opportunities and social cohesion for Lebanese citizens. Originating from the UK commitment to CEDRE, LERII is fully aligned with both Lebanese and UK Government strategic priorities and will: