Start date
1 year
TPP Team Members
Additional Members
Fred Carden
Faduma Gure
Basma Haj Ali
Hana Rohan

Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises Impact Evaluation

Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) is an internationally known humanitarian health research programme established in 2013 to generate evidence on recognised public health challenges in humanitarian crises and promote its use. It aims thereby to make the policy and programming of humanitarian operational and policy actors more evidence-based, improving outcomes for crisis-affected people.

The Policy Practice is undertaking an evaluation of R2HC to make a detailed assessment of the programme’s impact over its ten years of implementation, as well as the factors that have influenced successes and failures. The evaluation is tasked with assessing the overall performance of R2HC, the quality and outcomes of research across the portfolio, and assess R2HC’s current and future unique selling points through a mapping of the landscape of comparable research mechanisms, to produce both summative and formative findings, demonstrating performance for R2HC’s accountability to donors, partners and crisis-affected people, and feeding into new phases of programme design and delivery. The purpose of the evaluation is to inform the future directions of R2HC and its home organisation Elrha, which is currently reviewing its future looking strategy and its three-year plan, the implementation of which the evaluation is expected to inform.