Anna Paterson


Anna Paterson has worked for 20 years on policy and operational research and analysis, evidence review and evaluation, with a focus on governance and peacebuilding. She is a political scientist by academic background with an early career as an analyst on Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. She has a strong focus on peacebuilding, conflict and security, beginning as a field researcher for an Afghan NGO and in a subsequent PhD. Anna is a former staff member of the FCO (2002-04) and of DFID (2009-12).  As a consultant, she has led and co-led several research, monitoring, and major evaluation assignments on governance, peace and security in Central Asia, East and West Africa, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe for a range of clients such as FCDO, Danida, Norad, USAID, the World Wildlife Fund and the World Health Organisation. Over recent years, Anna has developed an increasing focus on governance and evidence use in public health, especially in humanitarian contexts.