Scoping for Design: A Problem Driven Political Economic Approach to Supporting Regional Trade and Integration in Southern Africa

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In consortium with Saana Ltd, The Policy Practice has been working for DFID Southern Africa to prepare options for a new regional trade programme covering Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. Feeding into this work, Gareth Williams and William Kingsmill prepared country level political economy assessments of trade policy issues for the three countries.

Political Economy Analysis of Disaster Risk Reduction

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Working with Oxford Policy Management, The Policy Practice is assisting UNDP's Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery to prepare contributions to the Disaster Risk Reduction Global Assessment Report 2011. Gareth Williams will take the lead in drafting a chapter analysing the political economy of disaster risk reduction based on evidence drawn from country case studies. Link to publication.

Southern Africa: Review of Human Trafficking Programme

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The Policy Practice provided a staff member (Alex Duncan) as team leader of a three-person team to review the first phase of the Southern Africa Counter-Trafficking Programme (SACTAP I), and, subject to the review, to appraise a SACTAP II. The programme which is funded by the Norwegian Government, and implemented by the International Organisation for Migration, had made a good start, and a second phase is now under way. SACTAP is now in its second phase after successfully implementing its two year pilot programme.