Start date
3 months
Sri Lanka
US Agency for International Development
TPP Team Members

Applied Political Economy Analysis in support of the USAID funded Sri Lanka Energy Activity

Neil McCulloch undertook and Applied Political Economy Analysis (APEA) for the USAID funded Sri Lanka Energy Activity. It included an assessment of public and stakeholder sentiment with regards to the governance of Sri Lanka’s power sector, and provided a critical situational awareness for the USAID delivery unit.

This included a literature review and analysis of the media and stakeholder landscape with regards to the power sector in Sri Lanka. An applied PEA report was delivered containing an assessment of the power sector stakeholders’ concerns, gauging their appetite for specific reforms and measures, as well as their respective ability to assist or impede their implementation and surveys and analysis of public opinion.

The report included detailed narrative and qualitative analysis of trends identified, barriers to reform, and key priorities of stakeholder groups. The report also included recommendations to provide USAID, Chemonics and the Government of Sri Lanka with insights into the potential pathways for power sector reform, as well as the identification of any new programs for the future.