Start date
3 months

Africa Clean Energy (ACE) - Uganda political economy analysis

With the Government of Uganda playing a leading role within the energy sector in the country, The Policy Practice is working with ACE TAF to undertake a political economy analysis of the Off-Grid Solar (OGS) sector, in order to better understand the power dynamics within the country. This includes identifying who the relevant public sector players are for long term engagement  and will provide recommendations on how best ACE TAF can adapt the programme to be more politically smart in Uganda including recommendations on the most effective processes for implementing improved relevant off-grid policies and regulations.

The political economy will also assess the impact on the energy sector, specifically OGS, given the campaign season in 2020 and the upcoming national elections in 2021.

This is led by Neil McCulloch and conducted by a team including Joel Essien (Country Manager Uganda, ACE-TAF), Joshua Kabugo (consultant, ACE-TAF) and Niki Palmer (consultant, TPP).  This ToR refers to the role to be played by Niki Palmer.