Pierre Landell-Mills


Photo: Tom Martin
Aerial view
Kigali, Rwanda

Pierre Landell-Mills has worked as a development practitioner, researcher, manager, and consultant on governance, institutional development and decentralisation in Africa and Asia, for the first nine years for the Tanzanian and Botswana governments and then for 26 years on the staff of the World Bank. He is a consultant on public sector management, policy work and decentralisation, has written on governance issues, civil society and the political economy of development, and is active in the NGO sector specialising on governance, transparency and anti-corruption work.

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Participation in Policy Practice Projects

Policy Practice Papers

Experience outside The Policy Practice

Consultant responsible for a performance evaluation of the World Bank’s assistance for public sector management and governance in the Transition Economies, for World Bank’s Operations Evaluation Department - 2003
  • Paper: An Evaluation of World Bank Assistance for Governance, Public Sector Management and Institution Building in the Transition Economies’ Operations Evaluation Department, World Bank, March 2003

Bangladesh: Supporting Drivers of Pro-Poor Change - 2002

Consultant responsible for a performance evaluation of all IDA governance and public sector management reform assistance programs for the IDA Deputies as part of the IDA 13 replenishment negotiations, OED, World Bank - 2001
  • Paper: Governance: The Critical Factor,’ Background Paper for the OED IDA 10-12 Review (Operations Evaluation Department, World Bank, May 2001)
  • Paper: ‘Taming Leviathan: An Institutional and Governance Review,’ World Bank, Bangladesh, 2001
  • Paper: ‘E-Government: New Tools for Public Accountability,’ Oxford Policy Institute Policy Note, 2003

Senior Policy Adviser to the World Bank Vice-President for Environmentally Sustainable Development - 1996

Country Director for Bangladesh; Chief, World Bank Resident Mission, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 1993

Senior Policy Adviser to World Bank Africa Technical Department, and Principal Author of the World Bank’s 1989 report on Sub-Saharan Africa: From Crisis to Sustainable Development. - 1990

World Bank Senior Adviser on Public Sector Management - 1990